“Science on the Street” (Slo: Znanost na cesti, ZnC) is a project devoted to the promotion of science, launched as a voluntary activity by two scientists from the Jožef Stefan Institute in Spring 2013. Since then,  popular lectures on science take place in the evenings at public places – galleries, cafes, city squares and alike. The project has been initiated as a response to the persistent reduction in the budget for science, with the aim to improve public awareness about the achievements and challenges related to science in Slovenia. It started as a “no-budget” project under the umbrella of the Slovenian Academic Society for Science and Engineering (SATENA). In 2017, the Science on the Street, Institute for the promotion of science, has been established as a non-profit institution in the public interest.

The “Science on the Street” team have organized short scientific lectures given by invited scientists, who, in discussion with invited journalists, present interesting achievements and research across a wide range of scientific areas that are important for improving the economy and well-being. The lectures (in the form of a conversation) are followed by a discussion with the public. The events (so called A cup of science) are recorded and later published at Videolectures.net service, YouTube as well as an audio podcast (mostly in Slovene).

The first, who widely opened the doors to science, was City’s Gallery Kresija in Ljubljana. Later we moved to the Café Grand Hotel Union and lately to the ZRC Atrium. Meanwhile, a new branch has been established – Scince among books,  taking place in the bookshop and library. We also spread the events from the capital to other Slovenian cities.

Among the most popular events organized by the Science on the Street team is science slam. The brilliant performance of  highly creative researchers seasoned by the performance of the moderators, make a special atmosphere in which everyone feels good with science.

There are a few “add-ons” that shouldn’t be overlooked: Blog (mostly in Slovene), where researchers write about their work in non-professional language, understandable and interesting for the general public, contests for the best science story, poetry, photo, video or an idea and round tables. The events are mostly in Slovene only, as the primary audience is Slovenian public.

In 2023, the Science on the Street celebrates it 10th Anniversary. We believe that the concept is great, but we keep thinking about how to further improve the science promotion activities. You are kindly invited to give us any suggestions (info@znc.si).

The Science on the Street team have to express gratitude to the project supporters, who helped us bringing science out of its ivory tower among the citizens.

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Name (SI): Znanost na cesti, zavod za promocijo znanosti, Ljubljana
Name (EN): Science on the Street, Institute for the Promotion of Science
Address: Teslova ulica 30, Ljubljana, 1000 Ljubljana
Registration number: 8015856000
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Bank account: SI56 0201 0026 2379 534 (NLB d.d, LJBASI2X)
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Director: dr. Kristina Žagar Soderžnik
E-mail: info@znc.si