Novara ScuolaMed Science slam

In collaboration with University of Eastern Piedmont, Department of Health Sciences, Novara (Italy) 

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021  at 18.00

Moderators: dott. Alessio Baricich, dott. Simone Merlin

The slam will be the conclusive event of “IRCAD Days” Week (IRCADInterdisciplinary Research Center on Autoimmune Diseases). 

Nine inspiring young researchers will share their knowledge and passion for science with the audience much larger than fits into a conference hall. They will compete in short (5-minutes) talks to communicate their research projects in a captivating, unconventional and engaging way. Without Power Point, but perhaps using other tools.

The best performers will be selected by professional jury (70 %) and the remote audience (30 %) via online voting system.


1. Ian Stoppa: How to fix osteoporotic fractures… in a smarty and innovative way / Come riparare le fratture osteoporotiche… in modo efficiente e innovativo

2. Alessia Provera: Sai cos’è il fegato grasso? Vieni a scoprirlo!

3. Laila Lavanya Gadipudi: A  Love story of (Juliet) ICOS and (Romeo) ICOS-L interaction

4. Divya Praveen Garhwal: Colours gives direction

5. Chiara Casale: 50 sfumature di sangue / 50 shades of blood

6. Hugo Miguel de Sousa Abreu: Welcome to the Hotel Broken Bones

7. Paola Zanetta: The science of MICRO-relationships / La scienza delle MICRO relazioni

8. Beatrice Vilardo: Nuove frontiere per la diagnosi molecolare della SLA

9. Camilla Barbero Mazzucca: Sf(ama) il tuo intestino

Commission: Diego Caprioglio, Diego Cotella, Nicoletta Filigheddu, Sarah Gino, Ivana Rabbone, Anna Rapa, Pier Paolo Sainaghi, Giacomo Roman

Feel free to join us from your couch and listen to interesting stories from home! At the end you will have a chance to vote for the best three science slams. Welcome to join the Novara ScuolaMed Science Slam!


The “IRCAD days”  event has traditionally had the format of a one-day conference aimed at the scientific community in the morning and general public (patients etc) in the afternoon. This year, given the persistence of the pandemic situation, the Day has been extended into an IRCAD Week starting on the June 21st.